Licensed Roofing Contractor in Merrimack Valley

Expert Tips for Choosing a Roofer

If you are looking to replace, repair or install a new roof, you will want to hire a trustworthy and competent roofer to make sure the project is done properly. After all, the roof plays a vital role in protecting you from the elements and keeping the house structurally sound. To help ensure you pick the right roofer, here are important tips from our experts to consider:

Avoid Making a Rushed Decision

Following severe damage to the roof, most people want to have the repairs or replacement done as soon as possible. During this haste, many pick the first roofer they come across. However, this is usually a bad idea given the many scammers and extortionists in the roofing industry. Always vet the potential roofing contractor thoroughly before hiring them.

Ask Family & Friends for Recommendations

Do you have a loved one or friend who recently had work done on their roof? First-hand recommendations are an excellent way to find a reputable roofer. You might also learn about those to avoid.

If your network does not have any recommendations for roofing contractors, you can turn to online reviews.

Speak to Multiple Roofers

Ensure you talk to various roofers before you make the hiring decision. This will give you an idea of fair pricing in your area and present the best chance of getting a roof installed at an affordable price. Also, you’ll want to ask if the roofer uses subcontractors for tasks and how they intend to prepare and clean up the job site.

Verify Their Credentials

To ensure a quality job, you will also want to check the roofer’s work history. Ask for proof of insurance and licensing and request a few references during the interview. Take note if they delay or hesitate to provide this information as it could be a red flag.

Review the Contract & Warranty

It is imperative to comprehend the terms of your agreement with the roofer. So, ensure you thoroughly read the contract before signing the dotted line. Additionally, ensure you understand the warranty that comes with the new roof. Some roofers give a guarantee on their workmanship. Standard offerings include a 20 to 40-year warranty on the roof and a 5-year guarantee on the workmanship and materials.

Cover Your Bases

You’ll also want to ensure your bases are covered before the project starts. Ask if you or the roofer will be tasked with getting a permit for the job. Most roofing contractors will seek the permits on your behalf, but it is wise to double-check. Also, if you are filing an insurance claim on the roof, ensure you have followed all the required procedures.

Don’t Pay the Whole Balance Upfront

While it is not uncommon for many roofing contractors to ask for a deposit or create a payment schedule that corresponds to completed work, you should avoid paying the whole amount upfront. Also, avoid paying with cash. Payment using a credit card makes it easier to recover your money should something go wrong.


By following the above-mentioned tips, you should be confident that you have hired the right contractor for your roofing job.