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Indian Ridge Reservation in Andover MA

Indian Ridge Reservation in Andover MA

Indian Ridge Reservation in Andover MA

The Andover Village Improvement Society owns the conservation property on Indian Ridge Reservation. This 28-acre property contains 1.4 miles of trails and is located off the reservation road as well as this area. Visitors are welcome to hike or bike the trails. For more information, visit the Andover Village Improvement Society’s website. You can also visit the Indian Ridge Reservation in Andover, MA to see the Native American monuments and other historic sites. Here is more information about the Indian Ridge Reservation.

Sakowich Reservation

The Sakowich Reservation is a 9-acre conservation area in Andover MA, owned by the Andover Village Improvement Society. Located off Oriole Drive, it offers a peaceful, natural setting for hiking or exploring. In the summer, the reservation is home to an array of events, including concerts and art shows. The grounds are beautifully maintained and include 0.5 miles of public trails. A plaque honoring the Sakowiches is located near the pond.

The Sakowich Reservation is a popular location for hikers and cyclists alike. The AVIS also manages over 30 miles of trails throughout the city. The website contains maps and information about each reservation. You can also sign up for a free newsletter to stay informed about upcoming events in the town. Alternatively, you can also visit Patch to sign up for updates on events and other local news.

Doyle Link Reservation

This park is open to non-motorized recreation. It is located at the intersection of Reservation Road and Cutler Road, and is accessible through the west parish cemetery gate. There is an opening in the stone wall to exit to Lowell Street. The park is located 200 feet to the right, across Lowell Street. Parking is available at the West Parish Cemetery gate, along Juniper Road, and on Candlewood Drive.

Located off the main road on the west side of the reservation, the conservation property is 28 acres of pristine forest. Several miles of hiking trails are located here. Listed below are a few of the trails you can take from the parking area. You may be surprised by the number of species you can spot in the park. Located off the reservation road, this park features a range of plants, flowers, and animals.

Old Indian Ridge Reservation

For the past century, the Indian Ridge has been a popular hiking trail in Andover. The early residents believed it to be an Indian burial ground, and arrowheads have been found on the area. The Hartwell Abbots offered the land for sale in 1896, but local activists rallied to save it. In response, the town purchased the reservation in December of that year. A boulder in the reservation honors Alice Buck, the woman who led the effort to save the ridge.

In addition to the Old Indian Ridge Reservation, visitors can enjoy the Sakowich Reservation, a secluded patch of forest near Lawrence, Massachusetts. The Sakowich Reservation is a short drive away, while the Baker’s Meadow Reservation is located near Route 114. A plaque honoring Sakowiches is located in Baker’s Meadow, which has been restored to its original condition before being slated for a small eight-home subdivision. Afterwards, visitors can hike the Baker’s Meadow trail, which descends steeply towards a pond. Birds were singing as they walked by, and the pond was abuzz with activity on the day we visited.

Mayflower’s journey through the wilderness

The Mayflower Museum represents the Indigenous peoples of the area who lived there in the 17th century. When the Mayflower set out, the passengers thought they were entering a wilderness, but what they found was a complex network of Indigenous communities. The Wampanoag welcomed the emigrants with open arms and forged alliances. Today, they hunt, fish, and govern sovereign communities. They also raise their families and maintain a culture of peace and prosperity that still resonates today.

Today, you can still walk the historic trails on the Old Indian Ridge Reservation in Andover. You can hike along the reservation’s paths, explore archaeological sites, or even rent a canoe to navigate the waterway. The area also offers scenic views of Andover and the Metacomet-Monadnock mountain range. This place has been a favorite destination for locals and tourists alike for years.