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Roy Roofing is a roofing contractor that services North Reading MA, 01864. We have replaced many roofs in North Reading our company has a lot of experience in the roofing sector and we have been around for a number of years.

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If you are looking to have your roof replaced in North Reading MA, look no further than Ken Roy Roofing we are a professional roofing contractor that services North Reading MA and the surrounding towns We are known for our experience and expertise in this field and we do our best to help you resolve your roofing issues quickly and effectively.

We know how to deal with all of your roofing problems from leaking roofs to damaged slates, roof restoration, and more. Our priority is to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with the service they receive, so if there is anything you need, just tell us and we will do everything we can to help.

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Roofing Contractor North Reading MA

If you are looking for a roofing contractor in North Reading, you have come to the right place. We have extensive knowledge in this field and we do our best to use every bit of it to help you with your roof problem. If there is anything that you need to be done, just tell us and we will do everything we can to help you.

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Do you have a roofing project? Are you looking for a roofing contractor North Reading MA to help with it? Whether it’s installation, repair, or replacement that you require, Ken Roy Roofing offers top-quality service at affordable prices. With years of experience, our roofing contractors understand the industry inside and out. No matter what your project entails, our experts will get it done right so you can rest easy knowing that you made a great decision.



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We have a team of highly-trained professionals with years of experience in the field. We always use quality materials and we will never cut any corners when it comes to customer service. Our roofing contractors in North Reading MA are always ready to answer your questions and help you with any concerns that you might have.

Customer Satisfaction

We are committed to customer satisfaction, so you can trust us to deliver the results that you want for your home or business. We will always do our best to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. If you have any questions about what we offer or need additional information about our services, feel free to give us a call!

High-Quality Siding & Roofing Materials

When we install a new roof or replace deteriorating siding, we will use only high-quality materials that meet our strict standards. This ensures the best possible results and it means that you won't have to worry about paying more or having another contractor come back to fix any problems with the workmanship.


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North Reading

Reading played an active role in the American Revolutionary War. Minute Men were prominently involved in the engagements pursuing the retreating British Red Coats after the skirmish at Concord Bridge. Dr. John Brooks, Captain of the “Fourth Company of Minute” remained in the army for eight years of distinguished service, including White Plains and Valley Forge. He later became the ninth governor of Massachusetts. Only one Reading soldier was killed in action during the Revolution. Joshua Eaton died in the battle of Saratoga in 1777.

In 1791, sixty members of the “West Parish” which is the current Town of Reading, started the Federal Library. This was a subscription Library with each member paying S1.00 to join, and annual dues of S.25. The Town’s public library was created in 1868.

The Andover-Medford Turnpike, a private corporation, currently Main Street or Route 28, was built in 1806-1807. This provided the citizens of Reading with a better means of travel to the Boston area. In 1845, the Boston & Maine Railroad came to Reading and improved the access to Boston, and the southern markets. During the first half of the nineteen century, Reading became a manufacturing town. Sylvester Harnden’s furniture factory, Daniel Pratt’s clock factory, and Samuel Pierce’s organ pipe factory were major businesses. By the mid 1800’s, Reading had thirteen establishments that manufactured chairs and cabinets. The making of shoes began as a cottage industry and expanded to large factories. Neckties were manufactured here for about ninety years. During and after Civil War the southern markets for Reading’s products declined and several of its factories closed.

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